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 Find of the year !

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PostSubject: Find of the year !    Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:45 pm

Well chaps as the title says I think I've found the bargin of the yr so far .
A bold statement I hear you cry !
Well I've just impact tested a set of cycling glasses I picked up in Lidl's today and I think they've past with flying colours ! At approx 8ft with the SLR doing 298fps with .25s , 6rounds on semi in the one lens and 6-8 on auto in the other and the only sign of what's happened to them is what looks like 'smudges' on the lenses but no physical signs at all , ran my finger nail over the marks but couldn't feel any 'snagging' or cracking or any sort of damage on the lens .
What you get , they look like knock offs of ESS glasses they come with three sets of lenses in iridium/smoke/orange a soft cloth pouch , an elastic retention strap and all in a clamshell foam lined case .
But what's the bargain bit I hear you cry ?
The bargain bit is there only £4.99 affraid
Even though there this cheap after the impact test I'm more than confident in them as in over ten yrs of S'ofting I've taken a fare few shots to the glasses but I've never taken a burst to my glasses AND non of them have ever been at close range . So yup I'm confident they'll be fine after my home test .

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Find of the year !
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